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歌手《Bertie Higgins》 - 专辑《Come Home to China (单曲)》 - 歌词《Come Home to China

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Bertie Higgins - Come Home to China歌词

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作词: Bertie Higgins / John Healy
作曲: Higginsongs
演唱:Bertie Higgins

I’ve wandered the world
Singing my songs
With you always in my soul
Begging me to come home.
Back to our homeland
Beside the great wall
To your gentle smiling eyes
I can hear your heart call.

Come home to China, our China, beautiful China
The flowers in spring and me
Are waiting faithfully
Come home to China, our China, wonderful China
Home to my heart, no longer apart
Back home where you belong

I’m so sad and lonely
A stranger in strange lands
Why I left you at all
I don’t understand

I’m on my way back home now
Soon standing on your shore
Never to leave again
And go wandering never more

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